Hi I'm Julia, welcome to my website, yoursoul-ution.com.
Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairaudient, and I have practiced mediumship and delivered psychic readings professionally, across the world, for over 30 years.

I’ve been aware of spirit from childhood; only, I didn’t know it was spirit. I was always talking to the man in the sky, which I thought everyone could see and talk to (if you have ever seen the Birds Eye advert for fish fingers, the man in the sky looked like the Captain on the advert!).

I clearly remember saying to him one day, as I was sitting on the doorstep ‘you’ve put me with the wrong family, could you take me home now please?’ I knew there was a better place than where I was.

The fact I am still here to tell that story tells you he didn’t agree with my request, and I have to say I am now very thankful he didn’t take me home (which is how I refer to the world of spirit). I love my family and we have a great relationship. Without going into detail, our childhood was very difficult, which I now understand was a great opportunity for my Soul's growth.

It’s through all my varied life experiences that I am able to understand and recognise the energy of my clients’ difficulties, whilst doing their readings.

It was after my eldest son was born that spirit led me to people and places to develop and understand my abilities. It really has been a journey of self discovery as well as a journey to understand The World of Spirit.

I am constantly learning and growing. There have been many times that I have been frustrated and even annoyed with my Guides, especially during difficult events in my life! When I have asked: 'why me?'. I now know these experiences have taught me so much. Speaking honestly, there have been times when I have ignored their guidance, to my peril! I now listen and follow them.

I have been guided to different teachers and courses; they also led me to the Spiritualist Church. I have to admit I stubbornly avoided the Church for about six months, as I didn't feel formal religion was for me, eventually, I went and understood why I should be there. Over time I served many Spiritualist churches throughout the northwest and midlands as a medium and teacher. My journey has since taken me away from the Church.

I have always said my mission is to show everyone they can connect to, and talk to, their loved ones, guides and Angels, as easily as I do. Ultimately if I became redundant as a medium, as everyone is talking to those in The World of Spirit, I would consider it a job well done, and our world would be a more beautiful, loving place to be in.

I am passionate about helping people in any way I am guided to. This could be as a Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, or Teacher. Nothing fills my Soul more than knowing I am helping others though my connection with Spirit.

This is a very broad outline of me. Feel free to contact me to find out more. You never know I may eventually write the book so many people have told me to write!
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